Monday, April 14, 2008

Website update!

And the updates keep a-comin'! I added some new features including a Design section featuring some character designs I've done and will soon have production designs as well. Included is this cutie pie.

I drew this for an independent film project I was involved in a few years ago. I'm not sure this was ever in contention for actually being made in any fashion, but I always liked the drawing.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I won't post many photos here, if at all. But I'll make an exception to pay homage to the moustache I had last week. (It's gone because Lindsey hated it! Everyone else loved it, but she's the only one I sleep with.)

It's a handlebar moustache. Not a Fu Manchu. Just because I'm Asian, doesn't automatically make it a Fu Manchu.

Normally I'd be smiling but I thought I'd offset the yellow shirt with the words Butterfly Gardens on it with a scowl.

EDIT: Super-friend Jon McNally has put in the leg work and let me know that I'm actually rocking a horseshoe in this photo. Thanks, Jon! A million dollar check is on its way to you. (Don't try to cash it. The bank will laugh at you.)